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Same Day Dentures & Same Day Denture Repairs

Same Day Denture Repairs and Same Day Denture Happy Couple

Same Day Denture Repair

What are dentures? It might seem like a simple question, but most people think of dentures as being a complete set of false teeth. That's not always true. It is possible to have just a lower or upper denture. It's also possible to have partial dentures. But they all allow you to have fully functioning teeth.

If you wear dentures already, you know how valuable they are. Without them the most basic things can be difficult, including talking, eating certain foods, and even smiling with confidence. It can be difficult for some people to even leave their home if they don't have their dentures in. That may be part of why some people are reluctant to have their dentures repaired right away when problems occur. We are here to help. As we all know, putting off the repairs can lead to unnecessary damage your dentures, or your gums. In most cases we can repair or replace your dentures and partial dentures in the same day. So, you don’t have to be without them for very long. Many times, patient just wait in our waiting room while we repair them.

Full set Upper and Lower Dentures for $1,595

Separate Upper or Lower Denture for $945

Reline Denture or Reline Partial Denture only $350

Denture Repairs start at $225

How Much Do Dentures Cost? $1,595 in Our Office

Same Day Denture Repair & Partial Denture Repair

Same Day Denture Repairs and Same Day Denture Happy Couple on beach
Whether you have a complete denture or partial dentures, they experience a lot of wear and tear over the course of each day. Just like regular teeth, it is possible for them to be chipped or otherwise damaged. Even a removable partial denture that you might only put in to eat can become damaged over time. Here at Roos Dental, we know how important it is to you to have that damage fixed quickly. That's why we offer same day denture repair services. We have our own denture and partial denture lab right here in our office. So, we can make sure the repair and fit of your denture is perfect and fast.

Same Day Denture Repair After Extractions

Same Day Denture Repair Same Day Denture after extraction
Another common situation with dentures and partial dentures is the frustration of having additional teeth extracted and needing to repair or redesign the denture. In some cases, it's actually not advisable to adjust or add a denture tooth right after an extraction. The extraction site may need some time to heal and bone or bone grafting to fill in the socket. Once this healing has completed, Dr. Roos will either add a tooth to your partial denture or modify your denture to fit better.

Here at Roos Dental we offer same day denture repair after extractions especially when the missing tooth is going to be prominent and noticeable to others. To make an immediate tooth addition to your existing denture, our denturist will need to take an impression before the tooth is extracted. The impression of your teeth will be used to either reline or adjust your denture or allow our denturist to position and size your new denture tooth. This way, as soon as Dr. Roos is done extracting, you can start wearing your denture. Sometimes we will need you to return to our office so our denture lab can make a quick adjustment as the tooth extraction site begins to heal.

Dental Lab In-house Same Day Repairs

In house denturist Denture Lab same day denture repairs and same day dentures
Our denture repair dentist can make any denture repair you may need, whether after an extraction or not; repairs typically are completed on the sam day in our denture lab. The repair process will vary slightly, depending on the type of damage or modification. For example, adding to an existing denture because of a new missing tooth is a bit different from repairing a chipped denture.

However, regardless of the situation, our trained denturist can make same day repairs for you. So, whether you have full dentures or a partial, you won't have to worry about being without them for very long. We will help you get back to your normal routine right away. Please call us whenever you have a problem with your dentures and need fast repairs.

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