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Laser Hemangioma Treatment - Redwood City Laser Dentist

Hemangiomas are the most common form of birthmark. Quite simply, it is a buildup of blood vessels in the skin. These lesions may appear as reddish-purple areas or look like a red tumor on the skin.

Many haemangiomas appear in and around the mouth and are commonly referred to as strawberry hemangioma. There is no known way to prevent hemangiomas.

How to Treat Hemangiomas - Laser Treatment

However, there are different treatment options available for patients. Many hemangiomas simply go away on their own, but there are instances where surgery may be needed in order to avoid possible complications. As a dental hemanglioma specialist, I can quickly evaluate and offer a variety of treatment options to my patients such as Laser Hemangioma Treatment. With this procedure we can quickly and painlessly shrink or remove hemangiomas on the lips, gums and tongue. The best thing to do is come in from a free consultation. I’ll be able to tell you if laser treatment will work for you.

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