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How to Find a Good Dentist to Care for Your Teeth

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How do you choose a dentist? I think everyone has their own preference of what to look for, but I believe there are three factors everyone should consider when searching for and selecting a dentist. Those three criteria include a dentist’s ability and thoroughness in providing patient care, their experience or practice focus, and their approach to providing affordable dentistry to their patients.

A Dentist’s Role in Patient Care

There is a lot that a dentist can do to provide proper dental care. First, the dentist should provide a professional, clean and comfortable environment. Second, the dentist should take the time to ask questions and pay close attention to your personal situation. From family history to dental hygiene habits, a dentist’s primary role is to use this information to help prevent problems from arising. Having a good history not only helps from the get-go, but subsequent visits can more easily be understood and updated.

Finally, your dentist should review all of issues he sees with you teeth, gums and jaw. From there, you and your dentist can come up with a treatment plan that addresses any health concerns and financial concerns. There is always more than one way to restore your teeth and gums back to their natural healthy condition.

Implants, Gum Surgery..... There are Many Dental Specialities

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There are many different specialties within the profession of dentistry. There is a general or family dentist, a term that is used to describe many of the services needed by most patients. This includes the most common and basic dental procedures such as periodic exams, X-rays, cleanings and fillings, teeth whitening, crowns and root canals.

Then there are general dentists that have taken the time and gone beyond their general dental training. My focus at Roos Dental Care has been in providing family dental care along with a focus in restorative dentistry (procedures that restore teeth and smiles). Having been in practice for over 25 years, I find that I’m not only prepared to prevent problems from happening, but better able to serve my patient with the proper dental procedure should it be needed.

My practice specialties are
dental implants, laser periodontal gum treatment, cost-effective dentures, invisalign, and smile make-overs. My patients are relaxed knowing that they are getting a dental professional they can trust and rely on.

The Best Dentist - An Affordable Dentist

As a dental care provider (and patient), I want my patients receive the best possible dental care available. One of the ways I have accomplished this is to bring a high-quality dental lab into my office. By making better use of technology, and bringing the dental lab into my office, I have much higher control over quality and craftsmanship of our dentures, dental crowns and dental bridges.

Whether it is talked about or not, dental prices are very important to patients. As an experienced dentist I am always looking for ways to save my patients money while at the same time improving their level of care. Rather than ‘skimp’ on patient care, I have found tremendous savings with new and proven technologies that not only meet my high standards, but work within the budgets of my patients.

Find a Dentist Redwood City

Whether you’re in Redwood City or close by in Menlo Park, Atherton, Palo Alto, or Woodside, I look forward to seeing you. If your new to the area, looking for a new dentist or have put off seeing a dentist for some time -- please be sure to take care of your teeth so that they can take care of you.

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