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Implant Retained Dentures and OverDentures

An article by Dr. Greg Roos

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Its time to smile! Whether you are missing one tooth or all your teeth, implant therapy and implant overdenture treatment will provide you with teeth that will not only look natural, but will feel natural too.

Dr. Greg Roos is a denturist and dental implant expert. He has provided thousands of implant retained dentures and has his own dental lab right in his office. But what are implant retained dentures and overdentures, and how do they work?

Understanding Implant Overdenture

Dental or tooth implants are, in simple terms, a sophisticated and effective method of replacing missing teeth. Unlike ill fitting dentures that are made in the traditional manner, an implant supported overdenture will provide retentive strength and allow you to enjoy teeth that work in a more natural way.
A dental implant itself takes the form of a small titanium anchor that is attached permanently to the jawbone wherever the tooth is missing. It integrates with the bone and effectively slows down bone loss (or atrophy) that occurs when there isn’t a tooth root.
Implant supported overdentures, on the other hand, are false or replacement teeth that are supported by the titanium tooth implants. The overdentures are held in place with special dental implant attachments, whereas regular dentures generally rely on adhesives and/or suction.

Understanding Overdentures

There are three different types of overdentures that accommodate a wide variety of needs. They may be:
1. Implant retained and gum supported
2. Bar retained and implant supported
3. Fixed and supported by the implant

Implant retained, gum supported Overdentures

happy older woman with denturist denture implant retained
Implant retained, gum supported over dentures are considered to be the minimum “standard” for edentulous patients who have lost their teeth, either partially or completely. They are formed in the denture lab to rest or sit on the gum and are retained by implants. The overdentures are secured to the implants and are easily removed for cleaning.

Bar Retained, Implant Supported Overdentures

Bar retained, implant supported overdentures are attached to a metal bar that is connected to implants that are healed into the bone. These bar retained Implant supported dentures or overdentures can also be removed.

Fixed, implant-supported Overdentures

Fixed, implant supported overdentures also incorporate a bar, but the overdentures may only be removed by a dentist, dental clinician or denturist. Obviously, these are much more difficult to keep clean and are not the optimal choice.

Benefits of Denture Retention Implants

Denture retention implants are used to anchor overdentures to the top and/or bottom jaw as described above. One of the greatest benefits is that the implant provides stability and support to the overdentures so that they don’t shift the way traditional dentures tend to.
Ultimately, denture retention implants have aesthetic, practical, physical and health, and hygiene benefits. For instance, dental implants will:
• Restore your smile and improve your confidence.
• Allow you to chew your food effectively which will also promote better digestion.
• Enable you to talk more clearly.
• Slow down bone loss that can affect the support of your jaw as the bone is stimulated when you chew and eat.
• Help to retain your facial features and the way you look by maintaining facial contours.
• Offer the best solution for effective, hassle-free oral hygiene.

Why Dentists Believe in Implant Overdenture

denturist implant retained overdentures happy woman
Dental science, specifically implant supported overdenture techniques and materials, have improved dramatically over the past decade. Professionally trained dental specialists are able to add teeth to patients’ mouths so that the new teeth match those that have not fallen out or had to be extracted.

Dr. Greg Roos of Roos Dental Care in Redwood City is one of the only dentists who has a full overdenture lab right in his office. He believes the implant overdenture is the best solution for when you have multiple missing teeth. Having placed thousands of dental implants over the years, he says: “Today’s implants offer terrific benefits over previous solutions for missing teeth.”
Quite simply, the look better, feel better, and are better!

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