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Stop Receding Gums & Painful Gums with LANAP Laser Therapy

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Receding Gums LANAP

LANAP - A Better Way to Treat Gum Disease

Image of periodontal disease receding gums

It's fairly common to go to the dentist because you want to take care of your teeth, but what about your gums? Too many people tend to forget about gum health, and that can lead to a lot of dental problems. For example, you might experience a lot of bleeding when you bite into food or when you brush your teeth. Your gums could also become inflamed and even change colors. Bloody gums can also go hand-in-hand with a receding gum line.

Why Do Gums Recede?

probing photo for receding gums periodontal disease
Gum recession, which is also known as gingival recession, can be caused by a number of things. Smoking is of course the number one cause for gum shrinkage. Also, the natural aging process can cause your gum to recede gradually due to your daily routine over time. However, some people are more prone to receding gums than others.

You might be genetically predisposed to having unhealthy gums, you might have an uncontrollable habit of grinding your teeth, or you might just have teeth that are missing or out of alignment, which can cause recession to occur over time. Don’t worry. Whatever the case may be, Dr. Roos can help by using LANAP.

White Gums, Black Gums, Red Gums. What are the Signs of Periodontal Pocket and Chronic Periodontitis?

LANAP receding gums woman with perodontitis
Periodontal Disease, specifically Pocket Periodontitis, is the leading factor in gum recession or gum shrinkage. When this happens you may see red gums, white gums, black gums or even bloody gums. This happens when there is excess bacteria and small local infections around the tooth where your gum meets. As bacteria grows, it tends to remove or erode the bone around the tooth. These are your periodontal pockets. As it progresses, your gums my pull back, otherwise known as gum shrinkage. As they deepen, food and bacteria can get trapped in that pocket, leading to discoloration or bleeding, and eventually receding gums, bone loss and even loose teeth.

What Problems Can Swollen Gums or Receding Gums Cause?

There are a lot of problems that can pop up when your gums are receding or otherwise irritated. As mentioned already, bleeding is one of them. Also, you might eventually develop white gums or black gums if the problem progresses far enough. Bad breath is the most common issue for patients with receding gums. However, as the pocket depth increases, your teeth may wobble or loosen and eventually fall out or need to be extracted. While most of the time the receding gum issue is mostly cosmetic, it is important to have it treated sooner rather than later, helping you to avoid permeant damage to your gums and teeth.

Can My Swollen Receding Gums Grow Back?

woman flossing so her receding gums will grow back LANAP
Most of the time, with proper hygiene and regular trips to the dental office, your receding gums or gum erosion can be stopped. In many cases, your receding gums will grow back or become healthy enough to function properly. Many patients ask me how to reverse receding gums. The answer is simple: take care of them like you do your teeth.

Brush them, keep them clean, and have them evaluated at least twice a year for gum recession. If your gums have receded too far for normal cleaning to help, Dr. Roos can use his LANAP method to restore your gums to their normal healthy pink color.

LANAP - How it Can Reverse Gingivitis Without a Gum Graft

LANAP laser gum treatment for peridontal disease
LANAP stands for “Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure,” and it is a form of oral surgery. LANAP is very different than traditional gum graft and periodontal surgery for gum recession. LANAP is used to treat chronic gingivitis, gum receding and periodontal infections. Dr. Roos is one of very few highly trained dentists in the Bay Area offering LANAP. He can perform the surgery, which involves using a focused laser on the affected tooth gum pocket (or pockets). The laser can remove debris and bacteria, allowing the connective tissue underneath to start healing itself more efficiently. It is one of very few painless methods of stopping gum recession and restoring periodontal pockets from gum disease.

Dr. Roos Specializes in LANAP Laser Perio Gum Therapy

LANAP is a very specialized procedure that requires advanced training along with proven dental experience. Many practitioners do not have the training and experience required to apply this technology. Dr. Roos has made it his mission to promote the best dental health care possible for his patients. So he only uses the newest most scientifically proven methods to restore your gums to their healthy, natural color.

If you are considering gum surgery to treat your periodontal gum disease or dental condition, please call or email us to set up a consultation to explore LANAP.

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