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Sore or Receding Gums?
LANAP Laser Therapy Can Help!

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LANAP - A Dental Alternative for Gum Infections and Periodontal Disease Treatments

Woman having laser peridontal disease treatment for gum infections
Gum problems or peridontal disease is a common condition that afflicts many adults. It’s estimated that nearly 80% of Americans have some form of gum disease.

And for many patients with moderate to severe cases, gum disease treatments often require the attention of a periodontal or dental gum disease specialist.

Laser - A Better Way to Treat Gum Disease

Historically, gum surgery and gum grafts have been the way in which periodontists and dentists have treated patients who have gum problems. Now there is an FDA Approved Treatment -- Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, commonly referred to as LANAP that lowers the level of discomfort and risk of complications, speeding up the healing time over traditional surgery techniques. LANAP is a non-surgical, no cut and no sew laser alternative to treat gum surgery at any stage.

Laser Gum Surgery - A Less Invasive Procedure

laser treatment for periodontal gum infections
Years ago, I elected to bring this technology into my dental practice here in Redwood City. By using a laser for the treatment of periodontal disease, I can more precisely treat diseased tissue while preserving nearby healthy gum tissues. Just as arthroscopic surgery has lowered much of the recovery and complications for athletes' injuries, I’ve found that laser gum surgery (LANAP) decreases the invasiveness of traditional gum recessions and grafts.

Why is minimizing the invasiveness of a procedure so important? In general, the more invasive a dental procedure, the greater the chance for complications, infections, pain, and a longer recovery period. Because of this, laser dental procedures have been striving towards methods that are more controlled and precise in nature. I’ve found that this laser procedure is not only less painful and less traumatic for gum treatments, but can lower the recovery time and provide for a better quality of care for patients.

What to Look for When Choosing A Gum Disease Treatment

If you've been told that you suffer from periodontal disease or are a candidate for gum surgery, do your research. Talk with a specialist who is familiar with advancements that ensure the best quality of care. Know your options, and take advantage of newer dental laser technology that show better results over traditional surgical techniques.

LANAP Periodontal Gum Surgery Specialist

women smiling after lanap laser periodontal gum surgery
As one of the few specialists that is trained in LANAP for periodontal disease and gum surgery, I have treated hundreds of patients from Palo Alto, Atherton, Woodside, Menlo Park and surrounding areas.

Many people choose to go untreated year after year. I believe this is due in part to their fear of periodontal surgery. Patients often wonder why they didn’t hear about this technique earlier.

LANAP Periodontal Gum Treatment on ABC News

Below is a special that ABC News did on laser periodontal treatment using LANAP. This is the procedure that I use in my office in Redwood City.

Talk to Dr. Roos About Your Periodontal Treatment

Your teeth and gums need to work together and caring for patients starts the moment you begin listening to them. Schedule an appointment with me so that we can assess your situation and your options.

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